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cubic meters of gas
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cubic meters of firewood
Experience - A team with experience in the peat industry

A team with experience in the peat industry

Accessibility - One of the cheapest types of fuel

One of the cheapest types of fuel

Speed - Own transport for fast delivery

Own transport for fast delivery

Uniqueness - Long burning

Long burning


Fuel peat
Peat briquettes are economical and 100% environmentally friendly solid fuel
Fuel peat briquettes
Peat briquettes are economical and 100% environmentally friendly solid fuel
Milling peat


Review from Vasyl

"I really liked this particular briquette, really high indicators of heat, and I was surprised that it kept warm for so long. Before that, I used wooden briquettes to heat pine-kei. So wooden ones are much more expensive, and now I am looking at the price, so that the price- the quality was perfect. Now I am your regular customer. Thank you!"

Review from Mary

"I ordered a briquette again. I am very satisfied. Last year I tried peat briquettes for the first time after firewood. I am pleasantly pleased that the bookmark of peat briquettes is enough for the whole night... you wake up in the morning and it is still warm. The driver brought it, I paid on the spot. Very convenient!"

Review from Mykola

"For a long time I looked at the briquettes as fuel for the boiler. I tried different ones. I can say the following - these briquettes are not much cheaper for the price, it doesn't matter. BUT. in terms of comfort - very much! Melted, threw a full hopper and that's it)) For 10 hours I forgot exactly how it was possible to forget even for 13 hours. And this, I believe, is the main and main advantage!"

Frequently Asked Questions

- A bag of 40 kg


Yes! Peat briquettes are suitable for private and industrial use, regardless of the heating system, and have proven themselves in stove heating.

Peat briquettes are suitable for all solid fuel heating boilers! However, it is fair to say that the efficiency of two different boilers may be different, because there are boilers specially designed for heating with wood or coal. It depends on the design of the combustion chamber and the width of the grate. We always recommend taking it for a test.

Yes! The briquettes depend on the deposit and depth of the minerals, as well as on the manufacturer's plant.

Peat briquettes do not emit tar and even help to clean the chimney from the previous use of agrobiomass briquettes with their inherent natural gluten.

There are fragments, but their amount depends on the packaging (bag, big bag, bulk) There are no fragments in thermal packaging, minimal in bags, as the bagging is done manually, and the remains of the broken briquette are packed separately. Therefore, we have an additional item "peat crumbs" of 40kg. Please specify the price.

All over Ukraine.

There is no exact answer! It all depends on the area of the heated room, the materials it is built of, the number of storeys, roof, windows, number of windows and doors, insulation material, desired temperature, etc. On average, 5-6 kg.

Pickup from the manufacturer's plant in the region. Smyga, Rivne region

Instructions for the use of peat fuel briquettes: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The briquettes should be stored in a dry room or outdoors, covered from direct rainfall. Before ignition, make sure there is good draft! It is highly recommended to insulate the chimney. When it comes into contact with the cold walls of the chimney, the smoke cools down quickly, resulting not only in poor draft, but also in carbon monoxide entering the room through leaky connections. The recommended height of the chimney is 5 metres if there are no close obstacles (trees, buildings, etc.) If there are, we grow it so that the chimney fungus is higher than an imaginary line of 45 degrees drawn from the ground to the top of the obstacle. 1. The first laying of peat briquettes is done together with firewood or other fuel for ignition, as peat briquettes require a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius to ignite, without the required temperature, the briquettes will smoke. 2. It is important to understand that by providing a large flow of oxygen to the burning briquettes (maximum open flap, blower), we will thereby accelerate the combustion process. In order to achieve the longest and most productive smouldering of the fuel, it is necessary, after the briquettes have ignited, to set the oxygen supply to the minimum value (for automatic boilers), or to close (but not completely!) the blower damper in the manual unit, as well as the carbon monoxide outlet damper (chimney damper), cover it to about half, i.e. find the golden mean for oxygen access. 3. If possible, the briquettes should be loaded into the firebox as tightly as possible, again to reduce the oxygen supply. 4. Periodically, clean the grate and remove the crumbling ash. 5. Subsequent bookmarks after the first one can be made on top of the smouldering briquettes. The loaded fuel will ignite from them. The main thing in the next briquette placement is to make sure that the previous ones have burned out, because if this is not done, there is a risk that the unburned briquettes will bake.


Spare parts and services for the repair of special equipment and vehicles
Spare parts and services for the repair of special equipment and vehicles
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Fuels and lubricants
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Packaging and shipping materials
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About the company

"Land Grow" LLC is a peat extraction and processing enterprise that operates on the territory of the Rivne region. In recent years, 100,000 to 180,000 tons of peat, mainly used as fuel, has been mined every year, producing up to 20,000 tons of lump peat and about 75,000 tons of peat briquettes.



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